Elevate your life and projects with our coaching services. Specializing in market gardening and regenerative practices, we guide individuals and groups towards self-sufficiency.


Our approach prioritizes healthy communication, renewal, and overall well-being. Committed to eco-friendly and productive gardens, we integrate Aikido and yoga for a holistic perspective.


Join us on a journey that transcends traditional gardening, focusing on sustainable living. Elevate your experience with our coaching.

    Our coaching services encompass:

1) Regenerative Gardening: Offering guidance on regenerative gardening practices, plant selection, and water management to promote urban agriculture.

2) Social Awareness Workshops: Conducting workshops on non-violent communication and organizing roundtable discussions to encourage healthy communication among individuals and communities.

3) Holistic Health Practices: Explaining how core exercises from traditions like Aikido and yoga can be applied to gardening and urban agriculture, fostering a holistic, regenerative approach to health and well-being.


    Ongoing projects and affiliations:


    - Accredited Therapist: Hakan Ozan Erzincanli is an accredited therapist of The International Association Of Therapists. Learn more

    - Expert in Regenerative Agriculture: Involved with Living Lab & Think Tank - Kairos - Extrapreneurs. Explore

    - Grower: Voluntarily contributing to Nos Oignons ASBL, practicing market gardening with living soil at the Courtileke farm, Brussels. Visit

    - Author: Co-authoring the third book on managing a regenerative farm. Check out our publications:

    - Event Manager & Communication Coach: Leading Goalogique Records in the production and distribution of Goa trance music. Discover

    - Aikido Artist: Engaged with Yoake Dojo 1000 Brussels, studying under the master and facilitating animations. Learn more

    - Organizer: Facilitating the group "Tips for Eating Healthier" at Cosearching.brussels. Explore

    - Acting Coach and Monitor: Contributing to Binfikir Theater Brussels, Schaerbeek. Learn more

    - Active Member: Proudly serving as an active member for the 6th year at Bees coop. Brussels, an Ecological, Economic, and Social cooperative. Visit


Trainings received (currently continuing):


  • Aikido: "Montei Monka Monjin." See more

  • Academy of Arts of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode / Schaerbeek: Adult musical training - BAHBAH S. - Adult training 1. Explore

  • Systemic economy, regeneration: Extrapreneurs Action Training Program. Learn more

  • EIT - The Human Microbiome: Welcome to Week 1. Visit

  • University of Geneva - Psychological development of children: Techniques for studying perceptual skills in babies, recognizing faces, emotions, voices, and using taste and smell. Join

  • Binfikir platform (Oğuz Aral Gırgır Model art): The "Gırgır Model" Art Work is a transformative and humorous theatrical approach, inspired by the girgir magazines led by Oğuz Aral. Source Link

  • Traditional Archery: Yunus Emre Institute. Visit


Trainings given:

  • Kutadgu Bilig (agriculture and life systems)

  • Aikido

  • Swimming, judo

  • Plant identification, urban botany (agricultural and pandemic epigenetics)

  • Traditional street games, acting

  • Living soil

  • The relationship between microbiota and healthy nutrition, soil, and digestive system





As a service, we do not basically provide you with training. We organize round table meetings using common intelligence with the individuals or groups you present to us and whose awareness you want us to raise about regeneration, so that you can find your own solution in a healthy way.


Maybe we can't save the world. But while we strive to be the best version of ourselves, we can have fun and work for the good of our little blue planet.

HakanOzan Naturopathy


We are a B2B coaching service. Contact us as an organization and be our partner.

Contact: www.hakanozan.be


Welcome to the News section!

Latest News

1. Archery Achievements and Gratitude

On March 2nd, I participated in the Archery Tournament organized by the Brussels Yunus Emre Institute. Despite missing warm-ups and facing some railing challenges, I enjoyed the experience and embraced the spirit of camaraderie. Using the traditional Ottoman bow, I started well with 84 points and learned a valuable lesson about the importance of breathing techniques. I'm grateful to the organizers, all participants, and especially Madame Victoria and the De Gouden Piyl Evere, Brussels for their support.

Read more and see photos on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/C4BaL6Dr9DI 

2. Highly Successful Online Chicken Raising Course


The collaborative online training program on Introduction to Chicken Raising with the Istanbul Permaculture Collective was a great success! In March 29th-30th 2024, course addressed ethical concerns surrounding animal welfare and equipped participants with the knowledge to raise healthy chickens using permaculture principles.

The training covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Chicken health and care
  • Regenerative agriculture and chickens
  • Selecting the right chicken breed
  • Chicken diet and digestion
  • Coop design and features for healthy chickens
  • Monitoring chicken health and disease prevention
  • Egg laying, raising chicks, and the impact of chickens on soil

The positive feedback from participants highlights the value of the course:

"We learned how to raise chickens in a regenerative way and not to make them sick. Thank you very much."

"What surprised and liked me the most was that he answered our most complex questions with great calmness, without any objections."

We look forward to offering the next training program on Introduction to Regenerative Sheep Farming on May 17th-18th.

For more information on future courses, visit the Istanbul Permaculture Collective website https://istanbulpermakulturkolektifi.org/2024/03/01/tavuk/.

3. Unveiling Regenerative Sheep Farming: A Revolutionary Course!


The Istanbul Permaculture Collective is excited to offer a groundbreaking online course: Introduction to Regenerative Sheep Farming!


This course is perfect for you if:


  • You dream of raising healthy, happy sheep that improve your soil and provide wool, milk, and more.
  • You're interested in the cutting-edge concept of animal welfare regeneration.


Learn how to:


  • Heal your land with regenerative sheep farming practices.
  • Choose the right sheep breeds for your needs.
  • Design and build ideal sheep shelters.
  • Ensure proper nutrition and health for your flock.
  • This comprehensive program covers:
  • The future of animal care: Regenerative sheep farming principles.
  • Selecting breeds, shelter design, and sheep care.
  • Sheep nutrition & health essentials.


Join the regenerative sheep farming movement!

Link to the course: https://istanbulpermakulturkolektifi.org/2024/03/31/koyun/


4. HakanOzan Naturopathy joins BOOST program to propel "Brussels Regeneration Coop"!


HakanOzan Naturopathy is taking our passion to the next level with BOOST, a program that empowers creative projects. We're collaborating with 30+ inspiring individuals to develop a business plan for the "Brussels Regeneration Coop" – stay tuned for more!

Learn more about BOOST: https://faisletoimeme.be/boost/


5. Soup Up Your Life with HakanOzan Naturopathy's Foodup Challenge

Calling all eco-conscious foodies! HakanOzan Naturopathy is simmering up a delicious revolution with our participation in the Foodup 2024 Program. [https://www.foodup.brussels/en]

Foodup empowers sustainable food ventures in Brussels, and that's exactly what we're serving!

Farm-to-Table, Literally!

Our mission goes beyond "local." We're forging partnerships with biolocal farms, striking deals with farmers to rescue wonderful, nutrient-rich plants destined for the compost heap. These forgotten gems, along with fresh, seasonal produce and ethically sourced medicinal plants, will become the stars of our amazing soups and drinks!

Waste Not, Want Not, Flavor a Lot!

By creatively utilizing these "rescued" ingredients, we're minimizing food waste while maximizing flavor. It's a win-win for the planet and your taste buds!

Nourishment for Body and Soul

Our soups and drinks will be more than just delicious. They'll be packed with essential nutrients and the healing power of nature's finest botanicals.

Join the Sustainable Soup-olution!

HakanOzan Naturopathy is passionate about creating delicious and sustainable food options for Brussels. Follow us on this incredible Foodup journey as we unveil our unique, farm-fresh soup and drink line. Together, let's make Brussels a tastier, more eco-conscious city, one delicious sip or spoonful at a time!

Stay tuned for mouthwatering updates and a taste of the future of sustainable food!